Tahini & Sesame Oil


It is prepared with the traditional way and ground with stone mills. It is not treated chemically, nor is it mixed with chemical additives. It is a 100% natural healthy food and rich in nutrients: proteins, polyunsaturated fatty acids, vitamins and micronutrients (iron, magnesium). It is recommended for various diets, such as diabetes or hypercholesterolemia. The separation of the sesame oil in the upper part of the product is natural. A good stir before use gives the product its original form. Whole grain tahini made from crushed sesame seeds with its peel and tahini made from peeled sesame seeds. Enjoy them with bread, toast or even as they are.

Whole Grain Sesame seeds

Packaging350g & 700g glass jar

Tahini Peeled Sesame seeds

Packaging350g & 700g glass jar

Tahini Whole Grain Sesame seeds with Honey

Tahini Lemnos + Lemnos Honey “Achilladelis” is the combination of two 100% natural superfoods, known since antiquity for their nutritional value. Whole Grain Lemnos Tahini and Lemnos Honey share the same jar, separated, patiently waiting for someone to mix them. Unlike the similar products, which are already mixed, Tahini Lemnos + Lemnos Honey requires the consumer to enter the process of their homogenization and harmonious combination. This way though, the use of additional preservatives, homogenizers and emulsifiers is avoided, which are necessary for mixing and preservation fatty and aqueous components. Whole Grain Lemnos Tahini + Lemnos Honey is the best start of the day but also the ideal snack everywhere.

Packaging350g glass jar

Sesame Oil

Virgin vegetable oil from crushed sesame seeds. Traditional product ideal for pasta, salads, sauces, frying, cooking and confectionery.

Packaging250 mL & 680 mL glass bottle